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Annual Price in Cents per Kilowatthour by Class of Ownership, and Utility in Industrial Sector

Utility by Ownership Class 200019991998199719961995199419931992
American Electric Power3.383.493.533.613.523.563.743.753.74
Delmarva Power & Light Co5.935.926.076.726.556.376.616.676.47
Kentucky Utilities Co4.
Potomac Edison Co4.124.254.474.434.464.64.834.724.49
Virginia Power3.993.843.774.084.044.314.174.294.48
A & N Electric Coop6.
BARC Electric Coop Inc6.915.795.95.896.16.347.276.367.3
Central Virginia Electric Coop4.44.314.914.755.045.135.975.895.83
Community Electric Coop6.155.776.35***-?-?-?
Mecklenburg Electric Coop Inc5.175.274.824.945.125.797.527.657.24
Northern Virginia Elec Coop5.
Powell Valley Electric Coop-4.795.445.26.336.296.817.387.53
Prince George Electric Coop5.345.085.255.715.836.556.526.566.53
Rappahannock Electric Coop4.033.923.633.653.813.913.853.583.55
Shenandoah Valley Elec Coop4.94.534.684.874.975.
Southside Electric Coop Inc6.556.556.346.556.527.266.985.787.27
Bedford City of4.354.424.364.654.974.945.015.034.83
Blackstone Town of6.976.96.8877.098.076.88-?-?
Bristol Utilities Board3.723.723.843.
Culpeper Town of4.784.644.624.884.774.825.034.584.68
Danville City of4.
Elkton Town of*7.744******
Franklin City of5.765.496.
Harrisonburg City of4.484.494.544.675.095.315.275.315.27
Manassas City of3.923.713.45.665.667.345.946.26.26
Martinsville City of4.314.274.394.394.384.764.574.023.99
Radford City of4.373.73.773.73.973.913.974.043.91
Salem City of4.
Virginia Tech Electric Service3.733.893.973.823.793.874.084.434.11
Tennessee Valley Authority2.752.752.75------

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  • The source data for this table is no longer availalbe
  • The average revenue per kilowatthour of electricity sold is calculated by dividing revenue by sales.
  • "-" indicates Not Applicable.
  • Meaning of "*": Electric revenue and sales data are reported by electric utilities in thousand dollars and thousand kilowatthours. Average revenues per kilowatthour for electric utilities with either less than $100,000 of revenue or less than 1 million kilowatthours of sales are not provided because the significance of the data is not sufficient to make the ratio meaningful.

  • Source
  • pre-2001 Table 16, Electric Sales and Revenue, EIA.