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Annual Price in Cents per Kilowatthour by Class of Ownership, and Utility in Residential Sector

Utility by Ownership Class 200019991998199719961995199419931992
American Electric Power?5.55.655.645.745.525.665.815.685.65
Delmarva Power & Light Co?9.989.79.79.959.829.719.939.539.23
Kentucky Utilities Co?4.844.94.9955.
Potomac Edison Co?6.646.817.026.967.017.217.416.846.57
Virginia Electric & Power Co?7.987.897.988.38.128.388.28.018.16
A & N Electric Coop?8.678.618.528.658.698.928.98.9
BARC Electric Coop Inc?9.058.978.878.968.919.369.279.279.09
Central Virginia Electric Coop?6.766.796.886.886.947.127.667.356.93
Community Electric Coop?
Craig-Botetourt Electric Coop?8.638.728.818.778.758.999.079.119.15
Mecklenburg Electric Coop Inc?8.518.788.238.398.368.788.668.328.03
Northern Neck Elec Coop Inc?9.038.948.8498.919.359.239.239.02
Northern Virginia Elec Coop?8.938.848.428.788.979.039.018.978.9
Powell Valley Electric Coop?6.826.836.836.486.396.436.516.396.52
Prince George Electric Coop?7.857.837.757.827.
Rappahannock Electric Coop?8.938.788.628.88.749.579.159.038.75
Shenandoah Valley Elec Coop?
Southside Electric Coop Inc?9.058.898.798.948.749.339.069.149.08
Bedford City of?6.266.436.296.526.736.416.496.56.29
Blackstone Town of?7.857.917.937.867.777.97.847.827.1
Bristol Utilities Board?
Culpeper Town of?8.2812.157.737.897.728.017.927.527.49
Danville City of?5.845.935.815.795.675.725.695.625.63
Elkton Town of?7.16.926.676.665.415.575.575.486.72
Franklin City of?7.737.517.687.837.867.877.987.77.54
Front Royal Town of?6.35.476.56.546.996.26.185.356
Harrisonburg City of?
Manassas City of?6.566.516.46.296.2986.876.896.96
Martinsville City of?
Radford City of?5.996.
Richlands Town of?5.645.695.835.035.745.866.165.575.36
Salem City of?5.815.785.835.875.925.916.085.935.79
Wakefield Town of?6.716.186.786.736.766.936.836.827.03
Virginia Tech Electric Service?5.786.056.195.885.795.956.045.965.8

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  • The source data for this table is no longer availalbe
  • The average revenue per kilowatthour of electricity sold is calculated by dividing revenue by sales.
  • "-" indicates Not Applicable.
  • Meaning of "*": Electric revenue and sales data are reported by electric utilities in thousand dollars and thousand kilowatthours. Average revenues per kilowatthour for electric utilities with either less than $100,000 of revenue or less than 1 million kilowatthours of sales are not provided because the significance of the data is not sufficient to make the ratio meaningful.

  • Source
  • pre-2001 Table 16, Electric Sales and Revenue, EIA.