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Annual Price in Cents per Kilowatthour by Class of Ownership, and Utility for All Sectors

Utility by Ownership Class 200019991998199719961995199419931992
American Electric Power?--4.554.684.564.654.794.764.72
Delmarva Power & Light Co?--8.188.458.38.18.318.27.93
Kentucky Utilities Co?--4.844.844.924.994.894.875.05
Potomac Edison Co?--5.865.835.916.086.326.015.76
Virginia Electric & Power Co?--6.076.416.356.546.46.496.6
A & N Electric Coop?--7.477.587.617.897.797.787.77
BARC Electric Coop Inc?--8.378.478.488.858.748.768.6
Central Virginia Electric Coop?--6.616.656.746.897.57.256.89
Community Electric Coop?--
Craig-Botetourt Electric Coop?--8.818.788.768.999.079.159.13
Mecklenburg Electric Coop Inc?--7.357.537.628.198.468.217.94
Northern Neck Elec Coop Inc?--8.728.898.859.
Northern Virginia Elec Coop?--
Powell Valley Electric Coop?--6.886.56.536.566.716.736.86
Prince George Electric Coop?--6.947.237.277.757.697.687.64
Rappahannock Electric Coop?--6.326.46.466.816.566.266.02
Shenandoah Valley Elec Coop?--6.396.586.646.976.937.287.01
Southside Electric Coop Inc?--8.438.68.419.058.798.638.88
Bedford City of?--5.315.595.875.615.785.85.57
Blackstone Town of?--7.337.347.297.547.387.46.9
Bristol Utilities Board?--4.454.874.854.835.055.135.31
Culpeper Town of?--6.56.746.686.697.076.736.69
Danville City of?--5.415.385.345.485.465.415.4
Elkton Town of?--6.856.8210.715.935.935.626.59
Franklin City of?--7.27.317.267.467.487.317.11
Front Royal Town of?--6.525.515.875.235.855.385.3
Harrisonburg City of?--5.515.665.975.926.176.216.22
Manassas City of?--4.926.
Martinsville City of?--5.385.45.425.455.45.175.09
Radford City of?--4.444.384.584.544.74.614.53
Richlands Town of?--
Salem City of?--
Wakefield Town of?--6.786.726.766.936.836.826.95
Virginia Tech Electric Service?--
Tennessee Valley Authority--2.75------

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  • The source data for this table is no longer availalbe
  • The average revenue per kilowatthour of electricity sold is calculated by dividing revenue by sales.
  • "-" indicates Not Applicable.
  • Meaning of "*": Electric revenue and sales data are reported by electric utilities in thousand dollars and thousand kilowatthours. Average revenues per kilowatthour for electric utilities with either less than $100,000 of revenue or less than 1 million kilowatthours of sales are not provided because the significance of the data is not sufficient to make the ratio meaningful.

  • Source
  • pre-2001 Table 16, Electric Sales and Revenue, EIA.