Average Transportation Cost Ratio, Btu-Weighted Transportation Rate, and Sulfur Content for Contract Coal Shipments to Electric Utilities.
Central Appalachia Coal Fields in South Altalantic Census Devision

  Transportation Cost as Percentage of Delivered Price Rate per Million Btu (In Cents, Chained (2000) Dollars) Average Coal Sulfur Content (Pounds of Sulfur per Million Btu)
2001 27.26 44.73 0.80
2000 27.83 43.54 0.74
1999 26.28 40.20 0.84
1990 23.95 54.22 0.79
1979 16.47 48.99 0.88

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  • Central Appalachia Coal Region includes Eastern Kentucky, Virginia, and Southern West Virginia, as displayed: Coal Regions and Coal Fields Map. The South Atlantic Census Region includes Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, as displayed: Census Regions and Divisions Map. This data is for the part of the South Atlantic Census Division that is within the Central Appalachia Coal Region.
  • Coal Field/Census Division pairs displayed include all for which 50 percent or more of the rate-related data could be released. Those data pairs not represented either do not trade coal or are withheld to protect confidentiality of respondents where three or fewer utilities comprise the sample.
  • Preliminary rate or value data for 2000 or 2001. These data are subject to change.
  • Import records excluded; they are few in number and usually are missing rate and distance data.
  • Chained (2000) dollars: calculated by using gross domestic product implicit price deflators.

  • Source:
  • Table 2.04, Coal Transportation: Rates and Trends in the United States, EIA