Virginia Coal Production Summary

Three sources of coal production and employment data are available.

Virginia DMME
Each Virginia mine submits in-state production and employment data to Virginia DMME annually.

US Energy Information Administration
Each coal producer provides production and employment data to Energy Information Administration (EIA), US Department of Energy, on a regular basis. EIA aggregates these figures to derive annual production totals.

Mine Safety and Health Administration
This is summary information from the Quarterly employment and production reported by MSHA permitted operations. The data is available from 1983 to present. The raw data is avaiable from the MSHA web site.

Reasons for differences in EIA, Virginia DMME, and MSHA data
EIA data differs from Virginia DMME data for several reasons. For further information on EIA data collection methods, see Appendix D, Coal Industry Annual, Energy Information Administration, US Department of Energy. The reasons for source of error in EIA data as listed in Appendix D are given below. The same reasons are valid for Virginia DMME data.
1. Coverage (the list of respondents may not be complete or, on the other hand, there may be double counting),
2. Nonresponse (all units that are surveyed may not respond or may not provide all the information requested),
3. Respondents (respondents may commit errors in reporting data),
4. Processing (the data collection agency may lose or incorrectly transcribe the submissions),
5. Concept (the data collection elements may not measure the items they were intended to measure), and
6. Adjustment (errors may be made in estimating values for missing data).
7. In addition, EIA data may include coal mined in one state and loaded for shipment in another state.