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    Average Open Market Sales Price of Coal by Mine Type 2000-2006 (Dollars per Short Ton)

    Year Virginia Total Underground Total Continuous1 Conventional2 Longwall3 Surface
    2007 52.89 53.91 W - W 51.45
    2006 52.99 53.57 W - W 52.16
    2005 47.97 48.01 42.47 68.89 W 47.93
    2004 38.85 37.93 38.29 W W 38.51
    2003 30.3 30.32 28.9 W W 30.28
    2002 31.09 31.68 W - W 29.77
    2001 28.72 28.85 28.48 - W 28.41
    2000 26.18 26.38 - - - 25.64

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  • For similar, discontinued data please refer to the following tables:
    Average Mine Price
    Average Mine Price by Mining Method
  • 1 Mines that produce greater than 50 percent of their coal by continuous mining methods.
  • 2 Mines that produce greater than 50 percent of their coal by conventional mining methods.
  • 3 Mines that have any production from longwall mining method.  A typical longwall mining operation uses 80 percent longwall mining and 20 percent continuous mining.
  • W = Withheld to avoid disclosure of individual company data.
  • Open market includes all coal sold on the open market to other coal companies or consumers.  An average open market sales price is calculated by dividing the total free on board (f.o.b) rail/barge value of the open market coal sold by the total open market coal sold.   Excludes mines producing less than 10,000 short tons, which are not required to provide data.  Excludes silt, culm, refuse bank, slurry dam, and dredge operations.
  • Totals may not equal sum of components due to independent rounding.

  • Source:
  • Table 28, Table 29, Annual Coal Report, EIA.

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