Central Appalachia Phase II

The objectives of activities under Phase II are to assess the sequestration potential of coalbed methane (CBM) reservoirs and to verify the sequestration capacity and performance of mature CBM reservoirs in the Black Warrior (Fact Sheet) and Central Appalachian (Fact Sheet) Basins through injection-falloff and production testing, as well as the implementation of deep and shallow subsurface monitoring programs. This project includes sequestration testing using a horizontal CBM well within the Central Appalachian Basin and may develop breakthrough technologies.

Previous research and the ongoing characterization studies under the current Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships – Phase I program of the Department of Energy have identified two “high-graded” sites for geologic sinks in coal seams, within the SECARB region. Both proposed sites are also located in mature CBM production areas within the Warrior and Central Appalachian Basins. A sequence of parallel tests will be performed in order to allow proper evaluation of each field and minimize replication between the two sites. Through the use of a mature CBM area and with available subsurface and well data, project risk can be minimized and costs can be contained. Work to be performed includes assessment of the sequestration potential of CBM reservoirs in the SECARB region, reservoir modeling, implementation of a field test verification program including injection using both vertical and horizontal wells, and interpretation and assessment of field-test results. Throughout this program, we will conduct vigorous public outreach and technology transfer activities.