Mission Statement

The purpose of ARIES is to engage in detailed studies of the environmental impacts of the mining, gas, and energy sectors in Appalachia, focusing on both upstream (mining, drilling, and processing) and downstream (water, land, and air) issues. To meet that purpose, ARIES will conduct scientific inquiry and research, foster publication and contribute to the relevant literature, and engage in outreach efforts to share and disseminate results. Initially, work carried out by ARIES will focus on the coal mining industry.

The members of ARIES have undertaken a carefully-structured array of interrelated studies, currently divided into six primary focus areas:

  • Area 1: Assessment and mining impacts on ecosystem health and diversity
  • Area 2: Treatment and minimization of constituent discharges
  • Area 3: Accurate prediction of constituent releases by overburden and refuse
  • Area 4: Overburden handling plans and fill designs to minimize releases
  • Area 5: Next-generation design of eco-friendly mining systems
  • Area 6: Evaluating and optimizing the impacts of mining on community well-being
  • For the third year of research, ARIES will operate under a different structure. More details to come soon.